People urged to help name Leicester’s eco-buses

By Kira Gibson

Leicester City Council has asked the public on its social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) to name the city’s new eco-friendly buses.

The council is urging people to suggest names for its 11 new carbon-emission electric buses by Friday (APR23).

These buses will be out on the streets from May 24 onwards, and each one will be bright green to advertise the more carbon-efficient way they will travel.

Each one will be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy as a way to bring cleaner travel to Leicester.

Some of the suggestions already left as comments on the social media posts suggest names including The Lineker, The Attenborough, The Hawkins and Busie McBusface.

The buses are a part of the new plans to change the transport habits of Leicester in the coming year.

The entire scheme includes the development of new bus routes and the building of a new Park-and-Ride location in Beaumont Leys which will incorporate current services to the city centre from outerlying neighbourhoods and suburbs.

Deputy city mayor Cllr Adam Clarke said: “Changing our transport habits is the kind of action we need to take to help address the urgent climate emergency we are all facing.”

To give your name ideas to Leicester City Council, please go to:

To find out more about the Beaumont Leys Park-and-Ride development plans, please go to:

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