LIVE BLOG: Leicester set to be hotter than Greece this weekend

3:11pm Traffic Reports

Water main burst has led to road closure in Coalville area.


3:04pm Easy life making A COLORS SHOW

Easy life brings their summer sounds to COLORS Youtube channel. Read more here

2:58pm Spillage near clocktower

Spillage in city centre yesterday caused the roads to be closed off. Emily Barker reports 

2:45pm Traffic Report

2:45pm Vice-Chancellor Speaks Out

De Montfort University’s interim vice-chancellor, Professor Andy Collop speaks out after vote of no confidence. Read more here

1:40pm Fat Cats opens new look

Reporters Beth Surridge and Alexandra Smith are off to Fat Cat bar, to find out more about their newly reformed venue.

1pm: Freezing February? Not this year!

Leicester is set to be hotter than Greece this weekend, with highs on Sunday of 14 degrees, 2 degrees higher than that expected of Athens!


12:40pm: Mental health crisis

Mental health for young people in Leicester is on the rise. Alexandra Smith reports


12:10pm: Demon Media launches 48 hour charity event

De Montfort University’s “Demon Media” are launching a 48-hour fundraising event next week in order to raise money for charity, Emily Barker reports. 


12:05pm: University open day tomorrow

De Montfort University are hosting another one of their open days tomorrow. You can book your place here

12pm: Home-grown talent takes part in Leicester’s comedy festival

Leicester’s home-grown talent “The Same Faces” performed Upstairs at The Western-Leicester’s only pub-theatre- on Wednesday, as they took part in the city’s comedy festival. Read the full story.


11:50am: Climate change protestors in Leicester City Centre

Protestors are currently by the Clock Tower in Leicester City Centre protesting about climate change. Rosie Vacciana-Browne and Barbara Uzoigwe will have the full story soon.



11:40am: Police appeal for more people to volunteer as a cadet leader.

The Leicestershire Police are wanting more volunteers to become Cadet Leaders for their cadet programme. Read the story

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 09.20.43

11:30am: New board game cafe in Leicester

A new board game cafe has opened up in Leicester this year, for just £2 per hour per person or £5 per day, customers have access to a full range of games. Read the story

11:15am: De Montfort University ready for more Pride celebrations

De Montfort University is set for their third week of their Pride celebrations, as they join forces with The Curve theatre and James McDermott’s brand new-show “Rubber Rings” on the 18th February. Read the full story.


11am: Charity warns to stop giving the homeless people money

Leicester’s homeless charity has urged the public to stop giving homeless people money, as a man is renting dogs out to them. Read the full story


10:50am: Coming soon…

Reporter Emily Barker has just gone for an interview at Ninety-Six Degrees Cafe to find out more about their upcoming comedy festival.

10:40am: Fire on Bath Lane

A fire broke out in an abandoned building opposite Merlin Heights on Monday night. Read the full story


10:40am: Do you recognise this jewellery?

Do you recognise this jewellery? It was recovered in a car following a burglary in Measham on 6th Feb. If you recognise this call 101 quoting crime number 19*62612

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 10.37.39

10:15am: Traffic report

After a breakdown this morning, Narborough Road South is now running smoothly heading towards Asda.

10:05am Weather report

After a frosty start this morning it’s set to be bright sunshine for the rest of the day.

10am: Good morning Leicestershire

Welcome to today’s live news blog which will keep you in touch with all the reports brought in by our Leicestershire Press reporters throughout the day

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