Leicestershire police launch appeal for cadet leaders

By Bethany Surridge

Leicestershire Police have launched an appeal to inspire more young people to volunteer as police cadet leaders across the county.

The cadets meet for one evening per week during the academic year, and they are imperative in making a positive difference in local areas.

This includes helping almost 300 young people who are enrolled in the cadet programme to carry on through their policing journey.

De Montfort University (DMU) student Georgie Hughes is a cadet leader as well as balancing out her studies at university.

She said: “We need more people to inspire the younger generation from all backgrounds. Being a leader enables the cadets to have experience of things they may not otherwise get to do.”

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Cadet Leader Georgie Hughes. (Photo: Leicestershire Police)

Cadet leaders offer their time to assist the running of the cadet programme run by Leicestershire police, which guides and encourages cadets through their policing journey.

Leicestershire Police are looking for “inspiring and enthusiastic” individuals to join this programme as a cadet leader.

From joining this programme, Leicestershire Police believe they will benefit from learning new and important skills by working with other people and developing their confidence.

Anyone is welcome to become a cadet leader, providing they are over the age of 18.

Leicestershire Police have had people from all diverse backgrounds taking part in this programme, from police offices, PCSO’s, to members of the public.

Georgie added: “Joining the police cadets is an invaluable experience. You don’t have to want a career in the police to join as it’s not just solely based on the police, it’s a great way to make new friends.”

To find out more, or to apply to be a cadet leader, go to https://leics.police.uk/join-us/volunteer-police-cadets/become-cadet-leader

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