Whenever in a new country the first thing you are going to do is look for things to do, most of the time it evolves sight seeing, drinking, shopping or looking for somewhere to eat all which are great. The cinema isn’t something you really consider when your abroad but why not?

As a journalism and film student I am a massive fan of seeing films of any kind and anywhere so I looked up the best possible cinema in and around the city of Prague and discovered Cinema city in Atrium Flora, Praha 3 zizkov. Now this was the biggest cinema I could find and the only one with an Imax screen.

It was inside of a shopping mall so I was a little skeptical at first as to how big it could actually be but when I got to the top floor it had a whole quarter to its self and looked very impressive, it drew me in a lot more than the cinemas in Leicester. I decided to go with best available option, the latest blockbuster suicide squad (2016) Imax 3D which only cost an incredible 204 koruna (about £6.50) if you compare that with my local cinema in Leicester where it costs £13 (390 koruna) it really is the cheapest I’ve seen and makes going to the cinema worth it even if your not a massive fan of films.

One thing I always do is buy popcorn because I’m a sucker for it; it’s my favourite treat to indulge in whilst at the cinema, so I was ready to get my custom sweet popcorn only to be told my choices were salted or ham and cheese, yes that’s right ham and cheese flavor, now I did try some and its safe to say I didn’t really like it so I went with salted but I’m sure the flavor some people will enjoy and it obviously sells other wise they wouldn’t keep selling it. If popcorn isn’t your thing then don’t worry they have your custom hot dogs and sweets to accompany you to the film.

Onto the actual room itself and it wasn’t as big as the cinemas in Leicester but that only added to the atmosphere because it gave you that personal experience and the Imax screen was incredibly big, the film itself wasn’t particularly great but that’s a story for another day. If you fancy some food before or after your film the shopping mall has multiple food places open until 11 at night so that’s something to bare in mind if your feeling hungry.

The whole experience was very good and very affordable and I would highly recommend it to anybody in Prague if you’re looking for something to do or just wanting to pass some time of an evening.

If you aren’t a fan of big cinemas there are a phew other choices around Prague that could be more suited to you, there is another much smaller Cinema city right in the Centre of town if you don’t want to venture out to far and there is also a quite small independent cinema in town called Lucerna that is over 100 years old that shows old films and films from other countries, so you have plenty of options.

So next time your on holiday and stuck for an idea, looking for something affordable or just fancy a film why not pop into one of the cinemas and take a load off sit back and enjoy the ride.

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