A chilling history in the Prague Museum of Communism


By Alice Gibbs

The Czech Republic has a vast history when it comes to politics, but perhaps most noteworthy is the time that the country – then of course the wider state of Czechoslovakia – spent under communist rule. The museum of communism in Prague represents a haunting and vivid account of this.

It is the first and only museum in Prague to dedicate itself to the system established in the former Soviet Union. Opened in 2001, it is situated between a McDonalds and a casino (the irony of this is not lost as you pass this and many other chain stores to enter the museum, Marx must be rolling in his grave).

Three main rooms of the museum contain multiple original items and installations of authentic artifacts. Empty shops, corruption, fear and propaganda that represents Czechoslovakia’s time behind the iron curtain are presented in a concise and understandable way. Rare photos of the Stalin monument that once stood in Letná terrace and its spectacular destruction.

For just 150CK as a student (about £5), seeing the alternative to the western capitalist history we are so familiar with is unmissable during time in Prague. The immersive rooms focus on the totalitarian regime of Communism from its military coup in the beginning of 1948 to its eventual collapse in November of 1989 – and everything in between. The museum claims to offer a theme of “Communism – the dream, the reality and the nightmare”, and it certainly delivers.


Be sure to spend some time checking out the piece of Berlin Wall at the end of the museum. But most interesting was the small outdoor exhibition highlighting the realities of North Korea’s communist reign from recent history to the present. While it is one thing to see the communist reality of the history of Czechoslovakia, it is quite another to see the haunting picture of North Korea’s current situation.

While Prague is filled with fun and uplifting experiences, beautiful history and architecture, it is important to remember the journey this city has taken to become the fabulous tourist hub it currently is. The museum of communism is the perfect tribute to a time of pain and fear for the people of this city and is truly unmissable for those wishing to really appreciate the story behind this amazing city.

Address: Na Příkopě 10, Praha 1 , www.muzeumkomunismu.cz

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