DMU student union scraps card charges



Tobin Tuson 21 Student and Barman

Students at DMU have won a reprieve from credit and debit card charges in the Union’s bar and shop.

New European Union rules on card charges were introduced in December affecting all businesses in the UK who use card machines to take payments.

The SU charged 40p for a one-off transaction in the Student Union bar and shop.

SU Commercial Manager Chris Hackett said:  “The new EU rules mean there is now a cap on card transaction charges and the Union has taken the decision to effectively stop all card charges, with immediate effect, so we don’t pass any bank charges on to our students.”

Previously, the SU was charged a small fee by the bank every time a consumer paid by card – and the cost was then passed onto the consumer.

The new EU rules state the banks can no longer charge more than 0.20% for a debit card transaction and no more than 0.30% of the value of the transaction for credit card payments.

Chris, who said the SU is a registered charity and continually trying to improve the student experience, added: “This is a positive change for both students and the Students’ Union preventing unnecessary costs being passed onto our members.”

DMU first year journalism student Max Pearson said: “It’s good that they have stopped card payments. The university should be about learning not making a money. Students are hard up as it is without the extra charges.”


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