Radio station Demon FM announces plans for five-a-side football team for its hosts

By Matthew Saunders

Demon FM radio station has announced plans to start a five-a-side football team that invites people involved with the radio station at De Montfort University to play on a weekly basis.

Mastermind: 21-year-old Torin Fahy wanted to bring his love of football to Demon FM.

The announcement, which was first shared on Demon FM’s official WhatsApp group chat, said the team will play friendlies with other societies with their focus on having fun and being a casual team rather than being very competitive.

“We have a core team going with enough to get a match going and subs,” said 21-year-old Torin Fahy, who has a weekly radio show on Demon FM and who has been one of the driving forces behind the team’s creation.

However, Torin admitted that the logistics side of the football team, such as where they will play, was yet to be decided but was able to say it was unlikely there would be any additional fee for playing. 

However, if there is a cost, it will be used to help hire pitches and will not be too expensive.

“If we need to hire pitches, everyone might chip in two or three quid,” warned Torin.

“Hopefully it can encourage others to take an idea and run with it.” said Torin, who said this is an idea he had to learn over his two years with Demon FM

As well as being an outlet for students to have fun, Demon FM hopes the football team will get people more active and have an interest in sport

“If people don’t have experience of playing football, that’s fine. The priority is the taking part that counts,” added Torin.

The team has not been officially formed yet and the full details have not been revealed yet, but there are high hopes within Demon that the team will be formed this year and will be able to start playing matches by the end of the current term.