Talented artist boosts mental health in the community with sensational artwork

by George Kirk

A Leicester artist has been placing envelopes with artwork inside around the city, in an attempt to improve mental health.

Spreading a message: Anton Levy Amoo with one of his cards

The envelopes contain key messages of support and inspiration as well as on the actual art, with the main goal being to point people who are struggling in the right direction to get support, as well as to motivate people.

Anton Levy Amoo started these acts of kindness just before the first lockdown after an increase in suicides were being reported in Rowlatts Hill area of Leicester.

Anton said that it made him think to himself “How can I use my heart to make a positive effect.”

It started off with just two a week around his local area with Anton eventually branching out to Leicester as a whole as well as other cities around the UK.

This led to him being spotted by BBC Radio Leicester and brought onto one of its shows.

Eye-catching: Artwork featured inside one of his envelopes

Anton said that working in a school for 10 years made him understand the importance of mental health and want to make a difference in society.

The work he has done so far has made him connect with a lot of people already.

He explained how a man suffering with agoraphobia found his artwork around the city and it helped boost his confidence and forget about his issues.

As well as this, an NHS worker was uplifted by messages of love and kindness on his artwork after a bad day at work.

Anton said that the sole aim is to raise awareness for mental health. He said: “People aren’t finding art, but art is finding them.”

You can follow Anton and his work through the links below:

Instagram- @Antonlevyamoo.art

Facebook- fb.com/AntonLevyAmoo.Art

Website- www.antonlevyamoo.co.uk

Helpful: Anton wants to support others
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