Come as you were: Nirvana UK bring back the grunge age

By Sof Clarke

It’s been a ghost town on the live music scene the last few years due to covid, but Nirvana UK are resurrecting the spirit of a true grunge icon.

The tribute band have announced their 2023 tour dates, and Leicester is on the map.

“We are really looking forward to coming back to Leicester after last year’s great show!” said frontman Jez, who performs as Kurt Cobain. “You can expect more of the same from us, but more of a set themed around the ‘In Utero’ tour shows of 1993/94.”

After almost 10 years together, the band know everything about the trio they emulate. They even include genuine 1990s equipment and outfits to amplify the authenticity of an original Nirvana show.

“From vintage Tama drums, preamps, power amps, effect pedals, cabinets, speakers all the way down to microphones. We use all the same equipment as Nirvana would have used,” he said.

The tragic death of Kurt Cobain in 1994 denied a new generation of Nirvana fans the chance of ever seeing the band play live. “We really do all we can to provide the audience with the best possible representation of Nirvana live,” said Jez.

When asked about the type of people we can expect to see at the show, Jez said: “We see an entire spectrum. From nine-year-olds with their parents to the older generation who would have been into Nirvana when they were around.”

When questioned on the work-to-life ratio in the band, Jez replied, “It’s been very hard work at times but also very rewarding. I mean, not many people get to pretend they are Nirvana, right?”

Nirvana UK play the O2 Academy, Leicester on April 8, 2023. Click here for tickets.

Leicestershire farmer fears for the Christmas turkey due to avian flu outbreak 

By Charlie Hawes

Keith Evans / Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Sign / CC BY-SA 2.0

A Leicestershire farmer fears for Christmas turkeys as avian flu returns to Britain in the worst outbreak on record. 

An announcement from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) on Monday, November 7, stated that Great Britain is in an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) and by law, people with poultry must follow strict biosecurity rules including the housing of all birds to prevent bird flu and halt the spread. 

Craig Langton, a farmer from Burton Overy, Leicestershire, has about 200 laying chickens, supplying eggs to local customers, but the hens must now be kept inside for their safety.

A hen with half a dozen eggs back in the summer before the AIPZ was declared.

Mr Langton said: “The order from APHA to keep all hens indoors from Monday(NOV7) means that the hens which would usually be able to roam outside, or ‘free range’, must stay inside.

“Hens suffer badly if they get it, so we are keeping on top of hygiene and security to ensure they stay safe.

“Some species of birds like ducks, swans and geese can carry the flu without showing it, so it’s important to make sure our hens are separate,” said Mr Langton.  

The lockdown is affecting all bird owners, from people with a couple of backyard chickens to mass scale farmers. 

Bird flu is also affecting people’s chance of having the traditional turkey for Christmas, as farms across Great Britain that contract the flu must have their stock humanely culled.

“Let’s just say we have a frozen turkey crown saved for Christmas, just in case,” added Mr Langton.

The APHA report explains that some of the signs of bird flu include sudden death, swollen heads, lack of coordination, and drooping of wings. 

If you are worried about the health of any birds, including those in the wild, you must report it to the APHA directly or contact the DEFRA helpline on 03459 33 55 77 even if symptoms are mild. 

For more information from the APHA on bird flu and to keep up to date with the latest situation visit its website:

Talented artist boosts mental health in the community with sensational artwork

by George Kirk

A Leicester artist has been placing envelopes with artwork inside around the city, in an attempt to improve mental health.

Spreading a message: Anton Levy Amoo with one of his cards

The envelopes contain key messages of support and inspiration as well as on the actual art, with the main goal being to point people who are struggling in the right direction to get support, as well as to motivate people.

Anton Levy Amoo started these acts of kindness just before the first lockdown after an increase in suicides were being reported in Rowlatts Hill area of Leicester.

Anton said that it made him think to himself “How can I use my heart to make a positive effect.”

It started off with just two a week around his local area with Anton eventually branching out to Leicester as a whole as well as other cities around the UK.

This led to him being spotted by BBC Radio Leicester and brought onto one of its shows.

Eye-catching: Artwork featured inside one of his envelopes

Anton said that working in a school for 10 years made him understand the importance of mental health and want to make a difference in society.

The work he has done so far has made him connect with a lot of people already.

He explained how a man suffering with agoraphobia found his artwork around the city and it helped boost his confidence and forget about his issues.

As well as this, an NHS worker was uplifted by messages of love and kindness on his artwork after a bad day at work.

Anton said that the sole aim is to raise awareness for mental health. He said: “People aren’t finding art, but art is finding them.”

You can follow Anton and his work through the links below:




Helpful: Anton wants to support others

Leicester Led Rides introduces the Ghostly Ride

by George Kirk

Leicester Led Rides has a new, exciting themed event on Sunday, November 27.

After the success of the Armistice Day ride, Leicester Led Rides will be introducing the ghostly ride.

On this ride, Hidden Histories’ Jim Butler will be leading the tour through a variety of Leicester’s infamous haunts.

The bike ride is family friendly and completely free for anyone wanting to get involved.

 The person behind the event, Neil Bastock, said the aim is to get “More people cycling more often.”

He also said the bike ride offers a chance to “Learn something as well.”

The ride will start at 10 am at the Town Hall Square bike park, in Leicester.

To register for the bike ride visit

Dick and Dom’s beloved show returns for 20th anniversary

by Charlie Ramshall

Dick and Dom are set for ‘Da Bungalow’ 20th anniversary tour in 2023, with De Montfort Hall picked as one of the chosen venues.

The show takes place in the Leicester venue on March 23rd of next year. They promise that the show will bring the show’s spirit back to life as they make their surprise live return 20 years after the show’s final episode.

People who attend the show can expect a whole bunch of games which took place on the show all them years ago, even the beloved Bogies.

The show even allows fans to meet Dick and Dom with a meet-and-greet event taking place after the show.