DMU and UoL teams on countdown to Varsity 2022 contests

By Rian Fearnehough

The sports teams of De Montfort University (DMU) are preparing themselves for Varsity for the first time in two years after Covid cancellations caused a hiatus.  

Varsity will feature 47 fixtures between the sports teams of DMU and the University of Leicester (UoL) as well a celebration event, allowing performance-based societies such as bhangra and dance to be involved in the event.

Varsity preview

Varsity is a full week of sport beginning on Tuesday(MARCH22) and finishing on Tuesday, March 29, and is a real celebration of university sport, allowing students to compete in front of their peers.

Fiona Dick, Head of Sport at DMU, said: “Discussions for Varsity start in September as both DMU and UoL realign the vision and values of what Varsity is.” 

Varsity requires a lot of planning to ensure the event works for everyone as it needs to be a celebration of the sports teams and allow them to show off the work they have put in across the year. 

Fiona added: “Varsity provides a culmination of endeavours and allows students to experience playing with bigger crowds.

“The teams are a mixture of nervous and excited but are ready to play and want to win.”

The extra support could help DMU win Varsity overall for the first time which would help promote the sporting opportunities available at the university. As well as an overall trophy, every fixture will also be for a trophy, giving every team something to play for.

DMU is providing transport for students to attend fixtures to ensure that the fixtures have the biggest crowds possible to make some great memories for the students involved. 

To get updates on when the fixtures are taking place, follow DMU sport on Instagram or check out the varsity page

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