Disgrace: litter-strewn site of the Hinckley Road explosion murder scene in Leicester

By Jayden Whitworth

Litter blights derelict ground at Hinckley Road explosion murder scene in Leicester
Sea of litter: Booze bottles discarded across the murder scene on Hinckley Road

Litter louts have left a sea of empty booze bottles and rubbish at a murder scene on Hinckley Road in Leicester.

Storm Eunice struck Leicester in February and ripped down the fencing surrounding the scene where five people were murdered, revealing a blanket of refuse which a local councillor has branded “terrible.”

February 25 marked four years since the explosion, with three people jailed for more than 100 years between them, after a botched insurance claim.

Aram Kurd, 34, Arkan Ali, 37 and Hawkar Hassan, 33, used petrol to burn their shop down and instigate the devastating blast, in the hope of making a claim worth £300,000, killing five people in the process.

Councillor Ted Cassidy, who represents the ward in which the explosion took place, said “I think it’s terrible.

“If it’s fly-tipping then that is a criminal act.

“A lot of that will be blown around possibly.

“The problem with these sites like that, is that anything can happen behind the boards.”

Revealed: Storm Eunice blew down the fence, exposing the litter on the site

The scene of the explosion has been vacant since the explosion, with no planning application in place yet.

This has left the opportunity for people to chuck litter over the fence without people being able to see.

Cllr Cassidy said: “As far as I know there is still no planning application in place, so it is going to have to be boarded back up.

“I think the council put the barriers up initially.

“It’s private property, I think if it was council owned, we would have acted faster.”

There is a well-kept memorial across the road in memory of the people who died, but it’s completely mirrored by the litter-swarmed murder scene opposite.

The site was sold in an auction at the King Power Stadium in 2019 for £92,000, which was £17,000 above the guide price.

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