Video: Student raises awareness of charity and encourages others to take part

by Abigail Beresford

A first-year Psychology student at De Montfort University volunteers for the charity ‘Guide Dogs’ and is encouraging others to take part in the amazing work the charity does.

“The charity works with the visually impaired, helping them get about and with their mental health. We help train puppies to provide to them, and help with their day-to-day lives,” Erica Page explained.

“This helps people get out and about, who may not have much mobility or do not have access to a guide dog, and they struggle to get about in areas that they don’t really know. It really helps them to not be isolated and shut off.”

The charity was established 90 years ago, and has since provided ‘life-changing services’ to over 360,000 people.

Events are held regularly held in order to grow awareness of the charity and raise money.

A Guide Dog charity walk (Photo: by Erica Page)

Erica explained that the charity has always played a large role in her life.

“My mum worked for the charity for about 10 years, then had a small break, and has been back for another 2 years. The charity has played such a big part in my life and I just kind of want to give a bit back to it.”

Over the past few months, Erica has participated by volunteering as a ‘sighted guide’. This involves taking trainee guide dogs on walks, and teaching them how to behave.

She exemplifies that it is possible to do volunteer work alongside studies, and that it can be just as easy for other students.

“I’ve told friends from University and from back at home about the charity, and really hope that they’ll take part alongside me.”

For more information of how to volunteer and work for the charity, visit:

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