Sheena’s school meals project melts hearts and brings Leicester closer together

Two months ago, Sheena Thakrar came across an announcement saying that there would be no more free school meals vouchers for children during half term or Christmas holidays.

Foxes fans urged to donate pay-per-view costs to charity

Leicester fans have been urged to donate money that would have been spent on their team’s games to charity in opposition to the Premier League’s new pay-per-view scheme.

Video: Student raises awareness of charity and encourages others to take part

A first-year Psychology student at De Montfort University volunteers for the charity ‘Guide Dogs’ and is encouraging others to take part in the amazing work the charity does.

Video: Homeless voting outreach effort falls flat in Leicester

With the Christmas general election fast approaching, national efforts made to  encouraged the homeless to vote have not seen much traction in Leicester.

De Montfort University student helping special needs children and changing lives

Panashe Chenjera, a DMU student of criminology, has spent the last week helping disabled children accomplish things they find hard.