Storm Dennis causes heavy flooding in Barrow-Upon-Soar

By Adam Dutton

Residents of Barrow-Upon-Soar and other villages in Leicestershire have been heavily hit with flooding this weekend (FEB14-FEB17)

Barrow-Upon-Soar was hit especially hard by the flooding, leaving some people in the area unable to safely travel elsewhere.

Julie Morris, 55, who lives in Leicestershire, was staying overnight in her motor home at a campsite in Barrow when the floods hit. She was unable to leave.

She said: “The flooding is very bad, I’ve not been able to go into work today so I’ve lost a day’s pay.

“I have a small car too, I can’t move it because the water is too deep. I just don’t know where this much water has come from.”

The flooding has forced many main roads in and around the town to close until the water has cleared.

Residents have been forced to plan routes in order to avoid the roads most affected. The residents have been forced to use Facebook community pages to inform each other of road closures.


An area of land in Barrow-Upon-Soar heavily affected by the flooding

Helen Macauley, 48, a resident of Barrow-Upon-Soar of 11 years, found her morning dog walking route underwater.

She said: “My usual dog walk across The Slabs to Quorn was completely underwater.

“The traffic in the village was also very heavy, with people in the neighbouring villages having to go through Barrow to get onto the A6 because of flooding closing their usual access routes.

“Barrow Road, going out of Barrow, was underwater. This was made worse by the fact that there were no warning signs in place on Bridge Street at the top of the hill. Vehicles had to turn around once they got down the hill. I walked back up the hill telling drivers they would have to turn around because of the flooding. It was chaotic.”

Water was able to rise over the flood banks and cause damage to homes and disrupt the local traffic in the area.

Roads are beginning to slowly open again.

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