Leicester Comedy Festival review: Bring Your Own Dog Comedy at Brewdog

Photo by Charles on Pexels.com
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Photo by Charles on Pexels.com

Review by Kyran Kennedy

Being heckled by the audience as a comedian can be difficult for the act, but getting barracked by a room full of dogs is something you can’t quite prepare for – and that’s just what happened at Brewdog last night.

A fantastic idea on paper, but having more than 15 dogs in the same room as each other and expecting them to behave is quite the arduous task even for the most experienced of owners.

Jack Campbell hosted this evening of dog-related puns alongside his canine companion Millie, where Jack helped the dogs and owners settle in.

Jack Gleadow, who is ironically not the biggest fan of dogs in general, put on quite the act during the early stages of the show.

Gleadow was certainly the highlight of the show and can take all the praise for being the centre of attention during his act.

The majority of his act involved him making gibes at himself for being unable to cope with the mass turn out of dogs in the audience and his own witty criticisms managed to keep the audience distracted from the dogs for long enough to let out a significant amount of laughter.

Sarah Johnson and her dog Charlie put on a decent performance, using the show to test out a truckload of canine related puns.

This went down well with the audience, bar the odd doggy distraction, but it was really one for dog owners that people without dogs would struggle to relate to.

The stage then became overrun with woofs and barks as Daniel Nicholas attempted to create a game show-like event where dogs and their owners would come to answer questions on stage.

Both the dogs and owners seemed less than impressed as the dogs remained centre of attention throughout, with nobody really paying attention to the questions Daniel asked.

He also attempted to get the audience to do various other interactions, which most reluctantly accepted to partake in, reminiscent of something you might try at your kid’s birthday party. The audience’s involvement seemed forced and not something they enjoyed.

All in all, quite the wholesome occasion if you like dogs and for a unique event it was a popular one. Nevertheless, the dogs certainly stole the show and it’s as though the comedy suffered because of it, the dogs probably ended up with the most laughs out of everyone who went on stage.

Bring Your Own Dog Comedy runs on Sunday February 16 and 23 at Brewdog, Leicester.

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