By Adrianna Zawadzka

Hong Kong is one of the most diverse, magical and exciting cities in the world. Yesterday, seven journalism students from De Montfort University started their life-time adventure.

After checking-in to their hotel, leaving their bags and getting some refreshment, they went out to explore the hotel’s neighbourhood. While searching for a place to their first taste of Chinese food and drinks, students got a chance to see the meat and fish market, full of fresh and exotic food.

Briar Wooldridge, 21, said: “Fishes, crabs and lobsters kept in big aquariums and ready to be prepared shocked me the most in this place. I have never seen such a wide range of fresh sea food.”


After a long search, the chosen restaurant turned out to be a great place for their first dinner in Hong Kong.

“We went there to get some drinks, but we ended up eating chicken and noodles, because the waitress didn’t understand us, and that was great,” said Seb Old, 22.


A chicken dish

The next stop of the journey was the Chinese bakery, where the price for local cakes was 25 HK$ – the equivalent of 25p in the UK.

“Warm egg tarts were absolutely amazing,” said Sara Cardoso Torres Vinagre, 22. While eating the sweet treats in a nearby park, students got a chance to listen to the wild birds, which gave a beautiful melody.

After getting some well-deserved rest in the hotel, some of the students decided to explore central Hong Kong with a trip organised by Students Union. That gave them another chance to view the other side of this amazing city full of restaurants, shops, bars and pubs.

Students are looking forward for the rest of the amazing attractions waiting for them throughout the week.



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