De Montfort students are given the opportunity to explore China through #DMUglobal

By Elliot Leadbetter

Students studying Business and Law will travel to China on a #DMUglobal trip of a lifetime

The trip will educate students on Chinese culture, history and language, as well as travelling to China’s most famous cities to visit high profile companies in Shenyang, Beijing and Shanghai.

The trip will be taking a maximum of 35 students, and one of the applicants, Jake Snooks, a business management student at DMU, said: “From an educational point of view the trip to China is a great opportunity to witness how businesses work in a completely different economy.


“It is also a great chance to develop key skills that are valued by employers and widen my worldwide business knowledge.

“However aside from education, the trip is also a great life experience to visit one of the world’s most amazing countries and witness their culture.”

Students will also have the chance to visit iconic landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.

The trip will run over the course of two weeks, from Saturday May 27 to Sunday June 11.

Opportunities provided for students through De Montfort’s #DMUglobal scheme are increasing each year, with upcoming trips to New York, Copenhagen, Italy, Los Angeles, and Japan to name a few.

If you are a student at De Montfort University and wish to apply for a #DMUglobal trip, visit this page for more details –


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