Fashion Buying students at DMU to visit the Gap headquarters in New York

By Lauren Sedgley

Fashion Buying students at De Montfort University will be travelling to New York City at the end of the month as part of an academic trip with DMU Global.

The trip will see students across all three years, make the journey overseas where they will get the opportunity to visit the Gap Inc Headquarters.

Students will receive a tour of Gap HQ and have the opportunity to speak to key members of staff about the company and industry.

Third year Fashion Buying student, Beth Burrows said: “We’ll be talking to the current employees, so the designers, the buyers, all the different roles within the company and just gaining understanding and a perspective of the American way of working.

“I’m also aware that Gap have an archive within their head office of really old, classic pieces of Gap clothing so right the way back from when they first started, so it will be nice to see where they started and where they’ve come from and how they’ve progressed.”

The aim of the trip is for students to gain experience and information that will help develop new ideas and help with current projects with the third years currently working on their final collections.

Miss Burrows said: “Whilst I’m out and about I plan to visit a few fabric shops so perhaps I can buy a few metres and take it back to the UK and then I can mock up some of my garments that I’m planning on making for my final collection.

“Also just random things that I can take pictures of and take back to the UK for inspiration.”

There are also optional trips that students can participate in such as visiting the Fashion Institute of Technology, along with museums and galleries.

New York Times Square
Times Square, New York (image sourced from Google labelled for reuse)
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