By Holly Hume

A thief broke into a car garage and smashed through the heavy main doors to escape in a stolen blue Ford Ka at about 9pm last night.

Wreckage of the rear door after the thief drove through it to flee in the stolen car

An eye witness saw a man run up to the rear door, heard a bang as he broke in and saw him drive away in a blue Ford Ka from the garage in the Saffron ward area of the city.

The man was captured on CCTV breaking in through the lower half of the wooden door’s  panelling, then using the stolen car to smash through the remainder of the door to drive away.

The left door of the garage remains standing despite the incident 

The car was situated directly inside the main door and was the only item stolen.

The thief left behind not only tyre marks on the floor, but also an untouched Porsche, a Mitsubishi, a Mercedes G wagon, and a Lupo, along with many expensive tools.

The 10-year-old Ford Ka that was stolen was estimated to be worth up to £1,000 and had only 12,000 miles on the clock.


A mechanic at the garage, who did not want to be named, said: “A car like this is not worth much to the thief but is worth countless more to the owner, given its mileage and age.”

Police were called to the scene about 10 minutes later, and a forensics investigation team were analysing the scene today.

ppo van.png
Police were at the scene early this morning to investigate

A police spokesman confirmed no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about the crime can contact police on 101.

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