Students score Goals for charity

By Holly Hume

Students from DMU sports societies joined together to raise money by playing football.

Goals is one of the tournaments DMU sports societies host throughout the year, others include Netfest, run by DMU Netball, and Scrappies hosted by DMU Rugby Union.

Goals is run by DMU Football Club and enters teams of students from various sports societies into a tournament at Goals Soccer Centre in Leicester.

All teams who entered contributed £15 and despite grey weather played on from 12pm until 6pm.

Captain of DMU Women’s Football from 2014 – 2016, Toni Mallin, said: “Goals might not raise as much money as Netfest because it costs so much to hire pitches but it’s all in the name of charity and we’ve raised as much as £700 previously.”

Students from DMU Women’s Rugby, Holly and Katie said, “Goals is a great chance for the sports societies to get together, have fun, and make an impact for charity.”

Students competed for the winning spot whilst dressed in costumes ranging from onesies, to school girls or lads on tour.

DMU boasts many fundraising events as well as the Square Mile project which has altered the lives of people in both Leicester and India.

Ben and Alex from DMU Rugby said: “DMU goes the extra mile for charity so it’s great to be able to get involved in events run by the sports teams, it feels like you’re giving something back.”

DMU Square Mile has won several prestigious national and international awards, including The Mahatma Gandhi International Award 2013.

On the 7th of February students will abseil down the front of Gateway House to raise money for DMU Square Mile India.


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