Catch Simon on radio about success of wheelchairs at Fenwick store blog

A Journalism student is to be a guest on BBC Radio Leicester today(THUDEC8) after changing the way a major city centre store welcomes people with disabilities during its Boxing Day Sales.
Second year student Simon Sansome, a wheelchair-user, visited Fenwick, the department store in Market Street, during last year’s Boxing Day sales.

He wrote about his experience getting around the store in his wheelchair for Leicestershire Press which was picked up not only by Fenwick but also the local media.

A spokesman for Fenwick said: “We will endeavour to make sure that on Boxing Day we ensure that disabled customers are given priority through the disabled access on Bowling Green Street and Market Street, and hope that any future difficulties are kept to a minimum.”

As a result of his story, Simon has been invited on BBC Radio Leicester at 11.30 this morning to talk about his experience and what Fenwick’s are doing to change the way they operate Boxing Day sales.

In his first year as a Journalism student, Simon won DMU’s Rev Jessie Jackson Prize and a £1,000 grant after he set up a Facebook page called “Ability Access”, which endeavours to break down barriers for people with disabilities and help them access their communities better.


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