Prague From Above – How to really see the city

By Connor Watson

What better way to enjoy a city than from up on high? For those budding photographers or those who just enjoy the city scape below them. Prague really does have all the answers for anyone who wants to see the city from a different angle.

The first stop on your altitude tour of Prague has to be Petrin Hill. What more could you want than a large park with a tram, observation tower, mirror maze, restaurant and some of the best views of Prague. The tower which resembles the Eiffel Tower was opened in 1981 and offers stunning views of the entire Czech Republic. On a good day it is possible to see the highest peak in the country; Snezka.


So you will probably want to go and see the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square for the on the hour performance but did you realise you can actually climb to the top? Not only is this clock the oldest astronomical clock still operating but it offers amazing scenery just above the roofs of the Old Town of Prague.

For the final stop on your in the clouds tower of Prague what better place to see the city than from the 2nd ugliest building in the world. This is the Zizkov Tower located in the centre of Prague which offers 360 views of the city as well as a restaurant, one room luxury hotel, mini golf and the highest observatory in the Czech Republic. Since this tower dominates the skyline from every other view in the city it is only logical that one of the stops lets you see the city from the highest point.

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