By Joel Wood

Mental Health and Wellbeing Day kicked-off at DMU with exams poking their head just

DMU students trying out the variety of stalls at the mental health and wellbeing day.

around the corner.

A wide range of events, lectures and activities are being held to promote issues and stigmas around mental health.
The array of events are taking place in the atrium of the Hugh Aston building from 11am-2pm today.

Andy Brown, Manager of the Mental Health Inclusion Team, said: “ We always see an increase of students coming to us during deadlines and exam time as the pressure is starting to grow.”

Eighteen different areas of mental health are being covered during the events with Vice-Chancellor of DMU, Dominic Shellard, attending and speaking on the issue.

Mr Brown, continued: “We want to move away from naming people with mental health problems and start striving to work on the resolution instead.”

Studies from 2015 show that there has been a large increase in the number of people coming forward about mental health issues with the generation of kids who have been put through exams for a majority of their life being a big contributor of this.

Gareth Glover, a member of DMU’s Library Disability Team, said: “It’s true that we do see spikes around the exam period.

“We also have a lot of students coming to us for help in periods where holidays are coming up wanting advice on how to utilise their time efficiently.”

For more information on the day and further help around mental health issues please visit

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