Human fertiliser used in allotments

By Sam ColemanUnknown

Human excrement is to be recycled as fertiliser and used on the allotment sites of Belgrave Allotment Society in Leicester.

Funds have been requested from Leicester City Council for an eco toilet at one of the three sites, at the cost of £400.

A decision will be made at Rushey Mead Community Meeting tonight (Monday).

Belgrave Allotment Society is the biggest in the city, with five sites across the city, which has 490 plots and 340 members in total.

Compost toilets are used across the other Belgrave sites and the eco toilet is simply a smaller version of this.

“It isn’t just a hole in the ground,” said treasurer Steve Challis.

He added: “The toilets are not connected to water or sewage pipes, so after 18 months when it has degraded, the manure is used to fertilise the plants.

“Traditionally men would just pee on the crops to fertilise them but now there are lots of ladies and kids so other methods need to be used.”

Mr Challis himself has three plots, at a total of 1000 square yards and described his role as the treasurer as “basically a full time job.”

There has been a steady increase in allotment tenants within Leicester, with 24 societies and 42 sites across the city, making about 3000 plots in total.

The majority of allotment owners grow fresh fruit and veg or flowers, with many growing enough fruit to last them through the winter when frozen or made into jam.

The decision on whether the requested funds will be given will take place during the Rushey Mead Community Meeting tonight (Monday March 7) at 6.30pm in Highfield Rangers Sports Club, in Gleneagles Avenue.