DSU elections welcome more candidates than ever before

By Olivia Whaley




DSU elections have received the biggest amount of candidates ever this year, DMU has announced.

The elections for both part-time and full-time roles in the student union begin at 12pm today.

This year has seen 44 students participate compared to just 27 at the last election and staff say ‘this is the biggest number yet’.

Marketing and Communications manager, Adele Clarke said: “More students than ever are beginning to take an interest in the student union, so we really pushed for them to get involved this year.”

The DMU Students’ Union is a student led organisation that helps to improve your experience at the university.

The full-time roles include Student Union President, Deputy President Education, Vice President Media and Communications, Vice President Student Activities and Vice President Welfare and Community.

Students can also apply for part-time roles known as ‘liberation representatives’, which help to promote minority groups. These positions include Black and Minority Ethnic, Disabled Students, International Students, LGBTQ+, Mature Students and Women’s.

This is also the first year that every role in the student union has been contested for.

Voting finishes on Friday 11 at 2pm and the results will be announced at 5pm the same day.

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