Demon Media have released their Varsity 2016 issue of ‘The Demon’



By Mollie Mansfield

Students from De Montfort University’s student media outlet, Demon Media, have released their Varsity issue of the magazine today.

This issue of the magazine includes the official fixtures for the university’s 2016 Varsity matches and interviews from the teams.

Editor of The Demon, Emily Frost, said: “I feel relieved and very proud of the team. This was a difficult issue as you have to condense a lot of information while making sure that the teams have a reason to pick it up and have a read. It was tiring, but hopefully worthwhile!”

The Demon team had to work through the issue without the full help of Sports Editor, Shawnee Linstead, who had to step down from her position in order to campaign to be the university’s Vice President Media & Communications.

Emily said: “It was definitely a tricky situation to sort out as not only did she have to step down, but also a lot of preparation goes into a campaign so she needed to do that.”

“We also had the same issue with George Bushell who is the Demon Media sports coordinator as he was supporting the issue as part of his role, but has now stepped down to run in the elections.”

The Varsity issue is an important one for the student media outlet, as it creates the biggest readership, alongside February’s Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival issue.

Emily added: “People can expect to see lots of sports basically! So that includes fixture dates, match reports, a Netfest article, as well as content from each of the sections that is sports themed.

“Oh and of course lots of photos so hopefully the teams can spot themselves throughout the issue!”

The Varsity issue of The Demon is out today, and will be out for the following two weeks, up until Easter.



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