De Montfort Students’ Union hosts Valentine’s day drag extravaganza

As part of the DMU Pride week, the De Montfort Stundents’ Union are hosting a drag valentines extravaganza.

A barrel of laughs

People always need a good laugh. For 25 years, the Leicester Comedy Festival has provided much more than that. To learn more about what goes on away from the stage spotlight, Charlie Bourne spoke to Founder and Director Geoff Rowe.

LIVE BLOG: #onedayinprague

Third year Journalism students from De Montfort University, who are on a two-week internship in Prague with the Charles University Forum Magazine, are spending a day enjoying the sights, sounds and senses of the Czech Republic’s incredible capital city

Demon Media have released their Varsity 2016 issue of ‘The Demon’

By Mollie Mansfield

Digital strategy includes a future for print

A senior editor told a group of DMU students he was quite happy to have lost 30,000 off his print circulation in the past two years.