The race to register to vote

By Kizzy Bass2015-04-13 12.30.33

Fears have been raised that many students will not be registered to vote in May’s national elections with only days left to sign up.

Following the changes in June 2014, everyone is now required to register to vote individually rather than being done by a ‘head of the household’ that registered all occupants at their address as was the case in previous elections.

Universities used to register all students to vote but with this change there is concern many students will not vote as they have not registered.

Emma Broomhead, a volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureau, said: “We are on the campus to raise awareness and to get people to register.

“Students have so much to do, it could be a problem as moving away from home for the first time and having already filled out lots of forms, it may be pushed to the back of their minds.”

But even if students do register, will they actually cast their votes come polling day?

Connor Watson, 18, a first year Journalism student, has already registered but said: “I have tried to convince many of my friends but don’t think many will go on the day.”

Students have until Monday 20th April to register to vote and can be registered at both a term-time address as well as a home address but can only vote once.

To register to vote visit

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