What will happen next for the 100?

Season two of The 100 kicks off as it means to go on with excitement, shock and tension as it throws viewers straight back into the thick of things.

Review by Iona McGregor-Nelson

The 100 is set to return on E4 for another hotly anticipated season of action packed life on the nuclear war zone Earth. We left the thrilling drama at the mysterious Mount Weather with Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Monty and other survivors of the rocket blast held in white washed medical cells. The last episode finished leaving viewers in limbo on a number of intense cliff-hangers including the whereabouts of some characters, and the anticipation of whether heartthrobs Bellamy Blake (Bobby Morley) and Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell) survived the rocket blast that burnt an army of grounders to a crisp. As well as this The Ark was preparing to embark on the treacherous journey to return to earth whilst Thelonious Jaha (Isaiah Washington) was resigning himself to death in space. But how many will survive?

This exciting new season takes on a slower pace with more scenes to jump between resulting in less action taking place each episode. This constant scene switching can be irritating, and viewer may find it hard to follow the relentlessly changing plot line. However there is no need to be disappointed. Each episode will leave you heart pounding on the edge of your seat cursing at the program for ending in such a way. With new unexpected romance budding, deaths in the camp, new enemies arising and an interesting chancellor named, viewers will have little to grumble about other than the sofa gripping cliff hangers each episode is left on.

Season two gives us the revelation of human life in Mount Weather. However Clarke seems to be the only one who doesn’t trust these uncommonly friendly, civilised grounders. But as their stay lengthens Clarke discovers just how much is hidden under the Mountain, how ‘guest’ and ‘prisoner’ can be used interchangeably and the shocking revelation of what they’re planning to use The 100 for. Season two will bring you, willing or otherwise, back each Tuesday at 9.00 PM to watch more… they must be doing something right.

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