​​ BY ANNABEL EASTON Two rows of stalls line the road at one of Pragues best flea markets. Located just a few minutes walk off Old Town Square, you can find anything from furs to paintings, toys to fruit, biscuits and ornaments at Havelske Trziste market.  Though it’s famously well known as a tourist spot, […]

Cut the refs some slack and let technology do the talking

BY SAM PINKHAM How much longer will our beautiful game be spoilt by poor refereeing decisions? We all know the feeling. Your team is one nil down in the last minute and the referee fails to spot that big clumsy defender handle the ball in the box. As a player you are mystified, as a […]

Our modern Christmas: who is it really for?

Christmas cheer? That’s not what Amanda Hemmings can hear. She shares her view on what the holiday season has become and why we should change our attitudes. I have to keep a straight face. I can’t crack. This is my job. And it’s Christmas time soon. I mustn’t frown at children at Christmas. Even if that […]

Digital strategy includes a future for print

A senior editor told a group of DMU students he was quite happy to have lost 30,000 off his print circulation in the past two years.

DMU first year student makes national press

DMU first year Journalism student Simon Sansome has found himself at the centre of attention in the national press – over a village Christmas tree. Simon, a former Borough Councillor for Birstall, was asked to set up a petition as protesting against the tree which has been compared to ‘Mickey Mouse’s hat in the film […]