Leicester City historian offers students an insight to club’s past


By Dan Ableson

Students from DMU took a trip down memory lane last week in a Cultural Exchanges event that looked at the origins of Leicester City Football Club.

The club’s official archivist and historian, John Hutchinson, who was in conversation with Dr Neil Carter, of DMU’s International Centre for Sports History and Culture, took students through a ‘pictorial history’ of the club, tapping into the trials and tribulations they have had on the way.

Second-year Graphic Design student, Martin Shaffu, said: “It was a really interesting experience, there were a few passionate fans present and there was really a lot to learn.”

Members of the wider public were also present to see the presentation, which was taken from John’s new book ‘From Shed to Stadium’.

He continued: “Being a supporter for over ten years and to find more about the club was brilliant, to think that I have missed out on loads of the club’s history from past generations and how different it is compared to today.”

The presentation brought home many interesting facts spanning from the inception of the club in 1884 to present day, In particular the memorabilia that has been collected over the years.

“The depth of memorabilia that we saw was great, in particular there was an image of a clay pipe that has been around for over a century and the fox’s head which eventually inspired the teams crest.”

The event rounded Cultural Exchanges Week off in style sending many Foxes or should I say Knut’s fans home happy.

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