Faes vs Maguire vs Fofana

How does Leicester City’s summer recruit compare to previous centre-backs? Jayden Whitworth tots up the numbers.

Faes vs Maguire vs Fofana
How does Leicester City’s summer recruit compare to previous centre-backs?

Former DMU Lion becomes leader of the pride

De Montfort University’s DMU Lions American football team is being led by new head coach Josh Seybert. Rian Fearnehough finds out what motivated him to take on the role after he played for the team last season as a visiting scholar.

Former DMU Lion becomes leader of the pride
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Will Leicester Tigers players competing in the Rugby World Cup affect their Premiership League performance?

By Dean Walker

With the Rugby World Cup taking place in France in less than a year, Leicester Tigers fans are waiting to see which of their players will be missing from the start of the 2023-24 Premiership season and whether that will affect their performance.

Currently, the England team are competing in the Autumn Nations Series, having just won against Japan last Saturday by a 39-point margin.

The squad of 37 has taken six of its players from the Tigers: Ben Youngs, Joe Heyes, Jack van Poortvliet, Freddie Steward, Guy Porter and Ellis Genge. Van Poortvliet, in only his second international game, had previously scored a try against Argentina.

Although people can only speculate what the England squad will look like next year, sending over six players like has been done for the Autumn Nations Series this year seems to be on trend. For both the 2011 and 2019 World Cups, six Tigers players attended, with 2015 only having three.


Losing around six players each World Cup shouldn’t drastically affect the Tigers, as in theory, these players should only miss out on the first few games of each season, as the World Cup runs through the month of October, but that doesn’t take into account the pivotal training sessions they may miss, or even the injuries they may sustain by playing in the World Cup, which will of course affect their performance for the rest of the year.

Looking at the previous twelve seasons of the Premiership, and the last three World Cups, there does seem to be a drop-off when it comes to points for the Tigers, but it’s not massive.

On average, the Tigers will earn around twelve less points following a World Cup, compared to any other season, which could cost them, twelve points was the difference between second and fourth place last season.

In short, losing players for the start of the year does cost the Tigers some, but without knowing how many Tiger players will be competing in the World Cup next year, it can’t be said yet how much they will feel the effect back home in Leicester.


The DMU Lacrosse Society is looking to make the sport more well-known

By Callam Banghard

The DMU (De Montfort University) Lacrosse Society is looking to recruit more students into its ‘family-like’ community.  

The society wants to make the native American sport lacrosse better known and allows men and women to make new friends whilst trying something new and different.  

The society is open to all current DMU students, even students who have just started their university careers, and anyone is eligible regardless of their background or culture.

Its members aim to be inclusive to all but warned the sport can get quite physical, more so for the men than the women. One member said: “The sport is quite physical for men but not quite as physical for women.

“For men it is a contact sport, for women it is a non-contact sport.”

They aim to ensure that no-one is left out and that everyone can get involved whether they are playing the sport for the first time or have played it before.  

In addition, the society has regular events such as its Soar Point Sunday, where many different students and members of the society can join and have a fun time together, in the pub in The Newarke, Leicester.  

“We have Soar Point Sunday, where we do activities such as trivia quizzes and we are connected like one big family.”

The society said it has something to offer everyone, whether you just want to play the sport casually, competitively or make new friends and have a fun time.  

If you are interested and want to get involved with the society, then you can follow its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or visit the De Montfort Students’ Union website for more information.  

Facebook – DMU Eagles Lacrosse Team 

Twitter – @DMULacrosse 

Instagram – @dmu_lacrosse  

Futsal volunteering opportunity for all DMU students

By Callam Banghard

The DMU (De Montfort University) futsal social league has begun, and the team are looking for social activators to help manage and timekeep fixtures.  

Activators will be required between 2pm to 5pm every Monday and Tuesday, with fixtures beginning on Monday(NOV21) and running until March 16, 2023.

Fixtures will be played at the Watershed, in Upperton Road, Bede Island, and will be open for other DMU students to watch the matches. 

This is a fantastic way of gaining some valuable volunteering experience to add to your CV. 

If you are interested, contact emilie.fairnington@dmu.ac.uk