Six comedians walk into a bar…

What do you call six comedians in an underground room, with a mish-mash of seating and a single microphone? The One Liner Show, reviewed by Tyler Arthur.

Broken Witt Rebels rock The Musician

Broken Witt Rebels produced a set of the highest calibre to a full house at The Musician on Friday night.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom not so magical for disabled

In September, I surprised my wife with a holiday to Florida for her birthday. We had an amazing time, but for a disabled person, Disney’s Magical Kingdom was anything but magical.

Radio is important, so don’t ignore it!

‘BBC Ears to the Ground’ was an eye-opening experience not only for me as a Journalism student, but for all those who were present on the evening.

Well Dressed Man goes down a hit for Tom McCartney

Tom McCartney is poised to release his debut EP entitled “Well Dressed Man” after a showcasing concert at Duffy’s Bar on Saturday night.