Radio is important, so don’t ignore it!

‘BBC Ears to the Ground’ was an eye-opening experience not only for me as a Journalism student, but for all those who were present on the evening.

Well Dressed Man goes down a hit for Tom McCartney

Tom McCartney is poised to release his debut EP entitled “Well Dressed Man” after a showcasing concert at Duffy’s Bar on Saturday night.

Music Society Crumbles the Cookie

Buzzing young musicians made a triumphant return to the Cookie on Tuesday night.

Coffee, Work, Treat, Repeat: study cafés in Prague

BY ZOFIA FILIPOWICZ They say plenty is no plague, but when it comes to trying out cafés, bars or restaurants in a city as diverse as Prague, you’re going to have to find some sort of a niche, otherwise the abundance might simply make you go mad. With the rest of the group already reviewing […]

Review: Charles University Exhibition

Take a look inside the exhibition of Charles University – the University DMU partnered with on their trip to Prague.