Local schools in Fenland providing for the free school meals scheme amid COVID-19 crisis

Local primary and secondary schools in Fenland are providing children with either free lunches sent to the home or with Tesco vouchers if they are entitled to free school meals.

Parents find ways of teaching

Parents have found out exactly how hard teaching is with the task to entertain and teach their children being placed upon them due to the (COVID-19) lockdown.

Mike Ashley faces backlash from the people

Newcastle Football Club and SportsDirect owner Mike Ashley has written an open letter apologizing to the public for undertaking a series of bad decisions as they were ill-advised and insensitive at such a time.

DMU courses change format

De Montfort University has changed all lessons to be online based due to Coronavirus guidelines advising no face to face interaction unless it is extremely necessary.

Student accommodations accommodate rent suspensions over COVID-19

All of the accommodation providers within Leicester housing DMU and UoL students have sent out emails regarding payments for the upcoming terms.