Concern for Leicester as violence and sexual offences rate doubles

By Thomas Carter

The proportion of violent or sexual offences out of the overall crime rate in Leicester has doubled over the last five years, recent figures have shown.

According to, the number of crimes involving violence or sexual offences has reached 17,022 this year, accounting for 41 per cent of overall crime in the city.

The rate is a drastic increase on previous years, seeing a rise of more than double since 2016 when it was only 19.9 per cent.

In response to the figures, an official spokesperson for the Leicestershire Police Force told Leicestershire Press: “The force recognises that serious violence – especially that which leads to the death of a person – can have a devastating impact on the families of those involved and our communities.

“Just one death is a death too many and our officers continue to work and engage with communities and partners, through the Violence Reduction Network (VRN) to tackle the causes of street-based violence to prevent further harm.

“Between April 2019 and March 2021, there has been a decrease in incidents of knife-enabled, street-based violence for all age groups – including those under 25.”

Percentage of Crime (%) for violence and sexual offences has doubled (Credit: Thomas Carter)

In comparison to other crimes, violence and sexual offences are one of the few rates that have seen a constant increase in the last five years, alongside public order and drug-related crime.

When considering England, Northern Ireland and Wales as a whole, Leicester is among the top 20 most dangerous cities, having an overall crime rate of 97 crimes per 1,000 people in 2020.

On the matter of tackling the rising crime rate, the Leicestershire Police spokesperson added: “The force is currently running a hotspot policing trial, which aims to disrupt serious violence in targeted areas where violence is most common and further investment has been made with the introduction of school liaison officers, who work in a number of schools within these locations to engage with children and young people to divert and support them away from criminality and harm.

“The number of sexual offences – including sexual offences and rape – remain low and the force employs teams of specially-trained officers to investigate such incidents and offer support to victims.”

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Sarah Everard death affects Leicestershire women

By Kira Gibson

A sign put on a park gate in Leicester is echoing similar sentiments posted by women across the country who are leaving their mark as they protest about the way women are treated. 

A study by UN Women UK found that 97 per cent of women are sexually harassed or abused in some way at some point during their lives. 

Across social media, confessions of sexual harassment and abuse have been admitted, with many explaining that most of the time they’re abused, it’s by a man. 

A display of affection towards those affected by this issue has been left in Victoria Park in Leicester, wishing those who have been abused in the park to be okay. 

A sign placed in Victoria Park in memory of Sarah Everard

The sign says: “For Sarah Everard and every woman who has been assaulted and harassed in this park.”

Police raid parties and issue fines as students flout lockdown restrictions in Covid-hit Leicester

By Laura Murphy and Sarah Danquah

A student who was fined £800 for contravening lockdown laws and attending an illegal party says he doesn’t regret going to the party – he only regrets getting caught.

The 19-year-old student, who was visiting his girlfriend at DMU from his uni in London, was arrested by police after they broke up a huge party in student accommodation.

The incident happened on Saturday night (FEB27) at Inka Studios in Percy Road, near to the University of Leicester. There were more incidents nearer to DMU the previous night.

“We just wanted to be around people and didn’t really think about the virus,” admitted the 19-year-old student, who did not want to be named. 

Young people gather in the street after police put a stop to their illegal party.

“The police turned up at 4 am and shut everything down. I’m not really around people so who could I really pass the virus on to? All the people that are vulnerable are currently being vaccinated anyway.

“If you’re willing to break the law, though, you should be able to face the consequences.”

‘Several illegal parties’

It was one of several illegal parties students held in the city last weekend, according to Leicestershire police. Leicester currently boasts the second highest number of coronavirus cases in the East Midlands.

Similar parties were broken up by police in student households in Dover Street, Marquis Street and Tudor Road, near DMU, on Friday night.

Police estimate more than 100 students had attended the parties and that 35 people were issued with £200 forced penalty fines.

The Friday night party seemed to start in one house and move to others, say neighbours, as the police attended and broke-up gatherings.

Harvey Mills, the director of Cloud Student, the company that owns the student property in this area, said calls were made to police and they attended promptly. Mr Mills called on DMU to crack down on students breaking restrictions.

Residents of Tudor Road were disgusted at the blatant disregard for the rules.

“Some of us have lost our jobs so it’s quite disturbing seeing all these people being inconsiderate and not caring about what is happening around them,” one resident said.

Another resident who witnessed the partying said students were being irresponsible. “Parties like these occupy the police at the weekend,” she said. “The police shouldn’t have to deal with students being inconsiderate.”

A police spokesperson said they will be patrolling the Tudor Road area to prevent other gatherings from happening. 

Will it stop the gatherings? It might not. One student who ran from las weekend’s party and was not caught remains unrepentant.

“I wanted to have fun. I am tired of staying of indoors. I feel like Covid is never ending,” she said.

“I’d definitely go to a party again – not this week but probably next week.”

We asked DMU to comment on this, but they did not respond.

Deliveroo deliverer’s bike stolen as he worked in Welford Road

By Kira Gibson

A bicycle was stolen from outside Seven Tea in Welford Road last Tuesday (Feb 9) around 7.30pm. 

Seven Tea on Welford Road (Photo credit: Kira Gibson)

The bike belonged to a Deliveroo driver who was receiving an order to deliver when the theft happened. 

The driver followed the thief on foot directly following the incident, whilst bystanders watched on in shock.

It is unknown as of yet if the owner ever recovered the bicycle from the man who pinched it.  

Nearly half cases of violence and sexual offences in Leicestershire are closed without convictions

By Beatriz Abreu Ferreira

More than 40 per cent of cases of violence and sexual offences reported by Leicestershire Police this September were closed because suspects could not be identified or prosecuted.

Figures from September show that 1,291 out of 3,141 reports of violence and sexual offences were closed as Leicestershire Police were unable to identify (258) or prosecute suspects (1,033). 

Figures from September 2020 Source:

Another 1,457 cases (46.4 per cent) are still under investigation. Some reports (65) were followed up by another organisation or had a local resolution (67).

Many investigation outcomes (94) or formal actions taken (85) were not disclosed as they were not deemed to be in the public interest.

A proportion of 1.9 per cent of the reports (60) are still awaiting court outcome.

The majority of cases happened in Leicester (652),  Charnwood (175) and North West Leicestershire (128). 

Figures from September 2020 Source:

Rushcliffe (1), Rutland (15), and Oadby and Wigston (31) were the areas with the least number of reports.

Violence and sexual offences are the most common reason for criminal reports made by Leicestershire Police (36.7 per cent), followed by anti-social behaviour (13.5 per cent) and public order offences (11.3 per cent).

Figures from September 2020 Source:

Violent crime is one of the few categories of crime which has seen a big increase in the number of reports compared to the same period last year. 

Source: UK crime stats

 In September 2019, a total of 2,513 cases were reported in Leicestershire, compared to 3,126 in the same month this year.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, the senior institution to inspect and report on the efficiency of police forces, judged Leicestershire Police as ‘Good’.

 “The force is good at investigating crime,” the report said. “Investigations are handled by appropriately-trained staff, and the case files we saw were of a high standard. There is a new crime bureau for cases with few lines of investigation, which has taken pressure off other investigators. The force offers a good service to victims and prioritises their needs.

“Leicestershire Police is also good at protecting vulnerable people. It has strong relationships with other organisations working with those in need and a well-established training programme. The force is currently dealing with more crimes, and receiving more referrals linked to vulnerability, than it ever has before, but it is taking measures to deal with this demand.”