Police raid parties and issue fines as students flout lockdown restrictions in Covid-hit Leicester

A student who was fined £800 for contravening lockdown laws and attending an illegal party says he doesn’t regret going to the party – he only regrets getting caught.

Deliveroo deliverer’s bike stolen as he worked in Welford Road

A bicycle was stolen from outside Seven Tea in Welford Road last Tuesday (Feb 9) around 7.30pm.

Nearly half cases of violence and sexual offences in Leicestershire are closed without convictions

More than 40 per cent of cases of violence and sexual offences reported by Leicestershire police, in September 2020, were closed due to being unable to identify or prosecute suspects.

DMU police officer leads city colleagues to £4,000 heroin bust

A De Montfort University police officer helped Leicester City police colleagues make a £4000 drugs bust on Monday afternoon (NOV9) after spotting an individual acting suspiciously on campus CCTV.

Police warn motorists to be vigilant after rise in catalytic converter thefts

Drivers are unwittingly polluting their towns and cities – as police revealed thieves have been stealing catalytic converters from motor cars.