Nearly half cases of violence and sexual offences in Leicestershire are closed without convictions

Police officers on duty

By Beatriz Abreu Ferreira

More than 40 per cent of cases of violence and sexual offences reported by Leicestershire Police this September were closed because suspects could not be identified or prosecuted.

Figures from September show that 1,291 out of 3,141 reports of violence and sexual offences were closed as Leicestershire Police were unable to identify (258) or prosecute suspects (1,033). 

Figures from September 2020 Source:

Another 1,457 cases (46.4 per cent) are still under investigation. Some reports (65) were followed up by another organisation or had a local resolution (67).

Many investigation outcomes (94) or formal actions taken (85) were not disclosed as they were not deemed to be in the public interest.

A proportion of 1.9 per cent of the reports (60) are still awaiting court outcome.

The majority of cases happened in Leicester (652),  Charnwood (175) and North West Leicestershire (128). 

Figures from September 2020 Source:

Rushcliffe (1), Rutland (15), and Oadby and Wigston (31) were the areas with the least number of reports.

Violence and sexual offences are the most common reason for criminal reports made by Leicestershire Police (36.7 per cent), followed by anti-social behaviour (13.5 per cent) and public order offences (11.3 per cent).

Figures from September 2020 Source:

Violent crime is one of the few categories of crime which has seen a big increase in the number of reports compared to the same period last year. 

Source: UK crime stats

 In September 2019, a total of 2,513 cases were reported in Leicestershire, compared to 3,126 in the same month this year.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, the senior institution to inspect and report on the efficiency of police forces, judged Leicestershire Police as ‘Good’.

 “The force is good at investigating crime,” the report said. “Investigations are handled by appropriately-trained staff, and the case files we saw were of a high standard. There is a new crime bureau for cases with few lines of investigation, which has taken pressure off other investigators. The force offers a good service to victims and prioritises their needs.

“Leicestershire Police is also good at protecting vulnerable people. It has strong relationships with other organisations working with those in need and a well-established training programme. The force is currently dealing with more crimes, and receiving more referrals linked to vulnerability, than it ever has before, but it is taking measures to deal with this demand.”

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