Sarah Everard death affects Leicestershire women

By Kira Gibson

A sign put on a park gate in Leicester is echoing similar sentiments posted by women across the country who are leaving their mark as they protest about the way women are treated. 

A study by UN Women UK found that 97 per cent of women are sexually harassed or abused in some way at some point during their lives. 

Across social media, confessions of sexual harassment and abuse have been admitted, with many explaining that most of the time they’re abused, it’s by a man. 

A display of affection towards those affected by this issue has been left in Victoria Park in Leicester, wishing those who have been abused in the park to be okay. 

A sign placed in Victoria Park in memory of Sarah Everard

The sign says: “For Sarah Everard and every woman who has been assaulted and harassed in this park.”

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