Mental health issues for young people in Leicester is on the rise

According to a recent article by the BBC, poor mental health amongst young people and children has been described as an epidemic and an ‘escalating crisis’.

De Montfort University to host 48-hour charity event

De Montfort University’s student media platform, Demon Media, is going to be broadcasting for 48 consecutive hours to raise money.

Art classes project provides therapeutic support in Leicester

A portrait artist has developed art classes project in Leicester, offering the locals and outsiders ‘a new way to socialize’ and relax through painting.

Meet Leicester’s new up-and-coming comedy group

A mostly-local, progressive and diverse group of comedians are raising money for five charities.

Sands United – Men together, forever

I remember one of the midwives was perched at the edge of the bed, looking at the monitor with her head in her hands, then looking at me, then looking at Charlotte, then looking back at the monitor. Even though nobody had said anything since I had been there I knew something wasn’t right.