De Montfort Students’ Union voting ends after a busy week of campaigning on campus

by Adam Rear

The De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) is looking to update its leadership team for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Students at DMU have been eligible to vote for the candidates they think are best suited for each role, with a polling station setting up on campus from last Tuesday (March 3) until yesterday (March 9).

Health and Well-being student, Navi, 19 was out handing leaflets for candidates and said: “This vote helps to determine which students will represent different departments of the student voice.

“There are multiple areas people are running for, such as Academic Executive, Equality and Diversity Executive and Disabled Students Representative.

“The votes give students the opportunity to have their voices heard while studying at University.

“The elections are similar to other votes and referendums we have in this country; candidates put themselves forward, create manifestos, promote themselves and hope that people vote in their favour.”

The advertisement surrounding the votes stemmed as far as being shown on DMU library computers

Campaigning for the DSU elections have varied in methods from candidate to candidate.

Some candidates have been out on campus handing out leaflets, while others have sent emails to students in order to try and gain their votes.

Navi said: “The election hasn’t been as big as I thought it would be. It’s been advertised on the DSU website and emails have been sent but a lot of students don’t check these.

“While campaigning there have been people coming up saying they don’t believe in democracy which is annoying to see really.

“It makes me think, why complain when you have an opportunity to fix it. Having said that, there does seem to be a good turn-out for voters that I have seen.”

The polling ended at 7pm yesterday (Monday March 9) and the results will become live on the evening of Wednesday, March 18.

Storm Dennis causes heavy flooding in Barrow-Upon-Soar

By Adam Dutton

Residents of Barrow-Upon-Soar and other villages in Leicestershire have been heavily hit with flooding this weekend (FEB14-FEB17)

Barrow-Upon-Soar was hit especially hard by the flooding, leaving some people in the area unable to safely travel elsewhere.

Julie Morris, 55, who lives in Leicestershire, was staying overnight in her motor home at a campsite in Barrow when the floods hit. She was unable to leave.

She said: “The flooding is very bad, I’ve not been able to go into work today so I’ve lost a day’s pay.

“I have a small car too, I can’t move it because the water is too deep. I just don’t know where this much water has come from.”

The flooding has forced many main roads in and around the town to close until the water has cleared.

Residents have been forced to plan routes in order to avoid the roads most affected. The residents have been forced to use Facebook community pages to inform each other of road closures.


An area of land in Barrow-Upon-Soar heavily affected by the flooding

Helen Macauley, 48, a resident of Barrow-Upon-Soar of 11 years, found her morning dog walking route underwater.

She said: “My usual dog walk across The Slabs to Quorn was completely underwater.

“The traffic in the village was also very heavy, with people in the neighbouring villages having to go through Barrow to get onto the A6 because of flooding closing their usual access routes.

“Barrow Road, going out of Barrow, was underwater. This was made worse by the fact that there were no warning signs in place on Bridge Street at the top of the hill. Vehicles had to turn around once they got down the hill. I walked back up the hill telling drivers they would have to turn around because of the flooding. It was chaotic.”

Water was able to rise over the flood banks and cause damage to homes and disrupt the local traffic in the area.

Roads are beginning to slowly open again.

The Crow’s Nest to host “one of the biggest” Fireworks Night displays in Leicester

By Ben Sanderson

There will be a fireworks display at The Crow’s Nest pub to commemorate Guy Fawkes Night tonight.

The display will start at 6pm and will last for an hour.

It will be a large display, taking place in a car park outside the pub in Glenfield Road, Leicester, which shall be emptied of cars for the event, so that traffic can be blocked from the area of the display.

The Crow’s Nest pub


The Crow’s Nest has decided to press ahead with its fireworks display because the weather forecast for the afternoon is clear, despite numerous cancellations of other displays scheduled for tonight due to earlier forecasts of bad weather.

Manager Ray Cooper said: “I’ve spent thousands on this.

“There will be a barbecue and two DJs for entertainment.”

Admission for the event is free and customers will be sectioned off from the large fireworks display for safety reasons.

Glenfield Road, where The Crow’s Nest is

Mr Cooper revealed: “This is one of the biggest fireworks displays in the whole of Leicester. We’re expecting a lot of people to attend.”

A number of other Bonfire Night events were cancelled due to forecast bad weather owing to heavy rain this morning, but Mr Cooper and his staff believe theirs can go ahead because the weather was supposed to be clear from 3pm onwards.

The Wishes 4 Kids charity event scheduled to be at Ilston-on-the-Hill tonight was one such event that has been cancelled, with people particularly disappointed because of how much money the event was expected to raise for charity.

According to the Leicester Mercury, last year’s event raised £17,500 for charity.

The fireworks display is the main event at The Crow’s Nest tonight, which also is offering entertainment from 5pm until late.

The Crow’s Nest is at 1 Glenfield Road, Leicester, LE3 5QW. Follow @thecrowies on Facebook for more details.

Media Employers come to DMU

By Alexandru Voda and Amanjeet Heer

BBC Asian Network radio presenter, Bobby Friction and Kamlesh Purohit, Deputy Managing Editor, for BBC Radio Leicester were two of a number of guest speakers who participated at De Montfort University’s first employability event for students studying Media, Computing and Engineering subjects.

Three former DMU alumni John Jackson a presenter at talkRADIO and talkSPORT, Ryan Arnold, DJ and music producer at Capital Radio and Jake Clifford, TV Production at 7Wonder also participated in a Q & A with students.

Kamlesh Purohit spoke to students about his job at BBC Radio.


The event was organised by the Careers and Placement Team. Davina Patel explained why they did it.

Former Leicester boss Ranieri pays homage to missing footballer Emiliano Sala

By Luke Smith


Former Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri says Emiliano Sala is a “wonderful character” and a “fighter”.

The Cardiff City record signing was on the light aircraft that went missing over the Channel Islands on Monday. He was travelling from Nantes to Cardiff to begin training with his new club, having joined on Saturday.

The search for Sala and aircraft pilot David Ibbotson has now been called off, with Guernsey police tweeting that rescuers were “no longer actively searching” for the plane.

Harbourmaster Captain David Barker, who made the statement, said the chances of survival “are extremely remote”.

Ranieri, now Fulham manager, worked with Sala at FC Nantes throughout the 2017/18 season, with the Argentine ending the campaign as the club’s top scorer.

In a statement on the Fulham FC official website, Ranieri said: “Like everyone else, I was devastated to hear the news that Emiliano was on board the aircraft. Emiliano is a wonderful character. Knowing him as a person, he’s a fighter.

“He’s a fantastic footballer who always gave his best when we worked together in France. The world of football will be united in wishing and hoping for some positive news. In the meantime, I – along with the Nantes and Fulham families – pray for Emiliano and his family.”