Journalism students hunt down stories to report on during DMUGlobal trip to Lisbon

A group of journalism students from DMU are busy pounding the streets of Lisbon to uncover interesting tales and news stories as they hone their reporting skills.

The students, together with two tutors from the Leicester School of Journalism, arrived in Portugal on Monday evening (JUNE20) and are staying in Lisbon for four nights.

News meeting: Tutor Jeremy Clay leads a morning news briefing with some of the students in their hostel garden.

“They’re already working on a range of interesting and varied reports,” said Jeremy Clay, who is leading the DMUGlobal trip.

“Yes, they’re having a lot of fun and doing a fair bit of the usual touristy stuff but they’re also digging out details of some fascinating, lesser-known aspects of this lovely city.”

Catch more of the DMUJournalism Lisbon updates on TikTok and Instagram.

Delightful: A view over Lisbon
Delicious: The group enjoy their first night meal
Atmospheric: Lisbon’s Time Out Market food hall
Fun: Eating and dancing in the Time Out Market food hall
It’s gotta be done: Catching a tram through the city
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