Business owner of semi-independent housing motivated by helping young people flourish 

by Latoyah Walker

The business owner of semi-independent living homes in Leicester said what motivates her is being able to help young people unlearn certain unhealthy habits or patterns in their lives.  

Beth Anderson started off as a social worker but then later started her own business, Maze Independent Care Ltd, back in 2016 as she wanted to do more for young people, who for various reasons could no longer live in a family home but needed accommodation where they could be semi-independent.  

Beth runs several semi-independent homes across the East Midlands and said working with young people in difficult circumstances is not something that gives immediate gratification but is ‘a very long piece of work.’ 

She said: “Day to day can not only be challenging dealing with young people who are not only going through adolescence, but also trauma neglect and missing their families.” 

Beth expressed how the most rewarding part of her job is seeing young people grow up into young adults and living their best lives and being independent.  

“I believe all young people can succeed and do well in life,” she added. 

Beth makes sure the staff she hires will be good role models for the children and act as a replacement for their families.  

She explained that being a business owner she has also seen the job transform the lives of staff. 

“I have seen their confidence grow,” Beth said, who also has four children of her own, aged 14 to 24.

“It would be amazing to think that the young people that come to us leave with good memories, and feeling like they were cared for and loved. 

“To be able to offer people a career in something that they love doing is nice to say and an honour to do.” 

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