Dance students prepare for last performance at DMU

By Lola Bailey

Third year dance students are getting ready for their final performance at De Montfort University at the University Dance Festival today(FRI,JUNE2) and tomorrow.

Dance rehearsal by Melanie Knott [middle] with dancers Lucke Lamkin [left] and Alekandra Roguska [right]

Over 35 dance and music students and a minimum of 10 students off stage, have put together the performance of the year with the help of their module leader, Melanie (Mel) Knott, and their program leader, Josh Slater.

This show is highly anticipated by students and staff at DMU but also by professionals seeking their next big performer.

Students have been preparing for this festival since summer 2022 and started all the choreography in November.

The performance will be held at The Venue. As it is in high demand because of exam season, students don’t have a lot of time to rehearse in the chosen venue.

Mel said: “It gets more and more intense as it goes on.”

The dancers are not only dancing in this show but also help with the behind-the-scenes.

Josh said: “These are skills needed beyond dance that give them more opportunities to be more versatile.

“It helps them explore or be challenged creatively.

“They are working in a completely different way, they aren’t being treated as students but as professionals.”

Duet partners Lucke Lamkin [left] and Alekandra Roguska [right]

This year’s third years joined the dance module during the 2020 lockdown, so did not have three full years of performances like previous year groups.

Mel said: “It’s about putting on a show for them to go away on a high.”

Offering advice to their third year students, Mel said: “Never think enough is enough.”

Josh added: “It’s never finished. Think if you’re on tour, you tweak the performance every night you go out to suit the crowd.”

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