Leicestershire woman starts partnership with children’s book publisher

by Charlie Ramshall

A woman based in Wigston has started a partnership with book publisher Usborne to help sell children’s books to the public and hopes that one day it can become her full-time job.

Lucy Hirons, 26, who is on maternity leave, decided to partner up with Usborne to help with the family finances, in an attempt to hopefully be able to work from home which would mean she can spend more time with her family.

Lucy wants to be able to have more time with her daughter and said: “I wanted to try and make it into a full-time job so I didn’t necessarily need to return to work”.

Lucy added that she knows the process to achieve her goal of making this to be the main support for their family’s finances but she is more than ready: “I hope it supplies my full finances to support my family,” she said.

Usborne publishes a range of books for ages up to early teens, these can be interaction to sensory which are said to be good for reading and education. Partners can also help people with getting discounts and other helpful goodies.

Lucy said: “It’s worth speaking to an Usborne partner if you know one.”

The process began around two weeks ago when she stumbled upon a Facebook ad and got talking with another partner with Usborne who is now her mentor. She said it was an easy setup, so far and her webpage is full of books of all different styles for all different ages.

She is doing the project solo but is encouraging others to take on a similar project as it is enjoyable and challenging but different and new partners can mentor each other when starting up.

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