Domestic violence charity offers support through art in Leicester

By Zarina Ahmed

An exhibition to showcase the domestic violence victims have experienced as well as the impact on children is taking place in Leicester.

Charities such as the Zinthaya Trust and Panahghar, both of which focus on helping domestic violence victims, have joined efforts to show Leicester the available support systems in place.

An emotion tree depicting children’s wellbeing as victims of violence

The art included was created by various artists such as victims of violence, children impacted by it, as well as voluntarily by De Montfort University students.

“Anyone accessing help with one of the charities is a massive thing itself,” Ash, a representative from Panahghar said.

As well as adult victims’ artwork being displayed, children’s art is also included, showcasing the impact left behind.

“It’s not an easy thing for an adult, so imagine what a child would have to experience,” Ash said.

Experiencing a shared history with domestic violence herself, Ash participated in being involved with the charity, wanting to spread awareness on helpful and accessible support.

She said: “For me, Leicester was a little naff, yeah, so of course I want to be part of a charity and help people properly.

“This isn’t a nine-to-five-job – we’re always constantly worried about the clients, even afterwards.”

Victims reflect their abuse through face artwork with labels of emotions

The charities involved, as well as Panahghar, provide client-based experiences, based on what victims and clients feel comfortable with at any time.

Under 20 per cent of victims of domestic violence go reported to official care systems or police, the charity’s figures show.

Charities such as Panahghar allow victims to have a safe space to vent to if they’re under threat or feel uncomfortable with the prospect of reporting their perpetrator.

The project to compile the exhibition was made with no official funding and instead organized with contributions from Leicester-based charities as well as the Leicester City Council.