De Montfort University organises yet another exciting event for students

By Catarina Quintas

The De Montfort University Students’ Union has announced that this year students will get the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together at a Winter Wonderland full of events and activities.

The fun will take place at the Students’ Union building on Thursday, December 1, from 11am to 2pm and activities will include live music, Christmas theme food and drinks and a Christmas fair where students and graduates will be selling a range of goodies.

For the past two years, Covid made it impossible to run such activities, but this year the world is going back to normal which means this year is going to be extra special.

“I am excited to see everyone together to celebrate such a beautiful holiday such as Christmas, and I am now trying to convince my society to have a stand at the Christmas fair,” said Beatriz Ribeiro, a first year film studies student who just joined the rollerblading society.

“I want to make sure everyone feels included and happy during the holiday time,” Beatriz added.

The Winter Wonderland will be free, and all students are welcome to attend, however booking a ticket is recommended so visitors can stay up to date with information about the event. Everyone who books a ticket will be automatically entered in for a chance to win a festive hot drink.

Not only has the number of students on campus risen but also the amount of events organised by the Students’ Union. According to Beatriz, students are enthusiastic about these events since most of them have been on a sort of pause for two years.

“We are getting our uni life back,” she said.

The next graph shows how this year the amount of students attending university events has risen in comparison to the past two years where Covid made it impossible to have events like this one.

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