Victoria Park signs multiply in support of Sarah Everard movement

By Kira Gibson 

A sign on the gate in Victoria Park

Men have joined a public demonstration of support in Leicester for the nationwide Sarah Everard movement. 

A message has been added to a sign placed on a gate in Victoria Park a few weeks ago to support the movement with the latest addition condemning men and policemen who don’t protect or take women seriously. 

The man calls himself “a real man” and says that real men protect women instead of hurting them. 

The sign echoes messages from women across the country that state that men have been the aggressors and have often harassed or abused them in ways that changed their lives. 

Along with the sign from this man, there have been many other signs and flowers placed in the same area, paying respects to those who have been hurt, abused or killed in Leicester and across the country. 

A study by UN Women UK found that 97 per cent of women are abused or harassed in some way during their lives.

This display of support says it had been reposted, having previously been taken down once. 

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