De Montfort Students’ Union launches ‘Are You Okay?’ wellbeing campaign

By Adam Rear

De Montfort Students’ Union has launched a new ‘Are You Okay?’ campaign to help students and those in education services deal with stress and anguish during the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting next Monday(NOV30), support available to students from De Montfort University will be highlighted and will focus on four main themes throughout December, January and beyond:

  • Healthy DMU
  • DSU support, including sports and societies
  • Teaching and learning
  • Friendship and community

Campaign leader and DSU Academic Executive Laura Flowers said: “We want students to have the space to tell us how they are feeling, regardless of their emotion – whether it be happy, sad, angry or excited!

“Just asking someone ‘are you okay?’ and finding out if they need extra support can make a world of difference to someone’s day.”

Listening: The campaign’s logo, ‘Are You Okay?’ featuring their slogan, ‘Your Space. Your voice. We are listening!’
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