Leicester lit up with works of art

By James Wynn

Leicester was lit up with illuminated art works this weekend as part of a worldwide scheme.

Light Up Leicester ran from Friday (March 6) until Sunday (March 8) and involved seven works that included sound and heat sensitive sensors.

Deputy city mayor Piara Singh Clair said beforehand that the city’s night scene would be “transformed” by the display.

“Each of the pieces will encourage people to interact with them- and each of these illuminated works will help transform the night-time ambience in Leicester during the festival,” he said.

The works have been displayed separately before in many cities, such as New York and London.

Leicester resident Karen Freeman said that the illuminations were a positive thing for the city.

“The art really helped brighten up the city, and it was a really enjoyable thing to go and see,” she said.

“With the Holi festival and things like that happening on a regular basis now, it’s really good to see the city getting involved with cultural events which bring some fun and colour to the place.

“I am looking forward to the next event, and again I’m really glad that Leicester has so many of these occasions, I think we’re quite one of a kind in that aspect.”

The Light Up Leicester works included Shadowdance, which turned people’s shadows into silhouettes, and interactive LED tunnels and dangling trainers.

Arts Council England supported the gathering in co-operation with the city’s Business Improvement District (BID).

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