Leicester Comedy Festival review: Jo Enright – Erdington Girl at Holy Trinity Church


Review by Kyran Kennedy

In another top-drawer performance, Jo Enright gave one of the most entertaining church sermons the Leicester public will have seen in years.

The Birmingham-born stand-up was back in Leicester almost 25 years after winning the Mercury Comedian of the Year award at the 1996 festival.

You might consider it an odd choice of venue for a comedy show, but it was the perfect choice of venue for Jo’s humour.

Her witty lines and tales about the people she grew up around and the odd sights she’s seen were all too relatable for the audience. She also had no qualms about poking fun at herself to earn a good laugh.

Turning a pun in to a story worth sharing is something that Jo exceeds at. She’s been to plenty of cities and towns across the UK and seems like she has a story for each of them, but if not she can always rely on her birthplace to provide an often outrageous story – though some of her jokes may put people off visiting places in Birmingham.

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People from all walks of life could certainly find fun in an act like this, but at another venue the material could easily suit a late-night audience with more adult tones included.

Also, it was a great solo show. Covering well over an hour and keeping the audience entertained can be tough, even for a group of comedians all performing on the same show.

But to keep the interest high until the end is something that Jo can be proud of and undoubtedly shows her range.

This act showed why Jo has been on the comedy circuit for more than two decades and can likely continue to get laughs up and down the country for years to come.

The former ‘The Job Lot’ star could certainly earn herself a few more TV roles if her performances match up to this week in week out.

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